got hit in the face with a tennis racket started bleeding now i’m sitting in the girl’s locker room with my laptop

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the one on the bottom  
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genitaldestroyer said: The good boyfriend loves girl with all his heart. He not afraid to point to girl in front of hisfriends and to says "That's her". "That's the puppet master that cursed my dick."


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Mutants, synonymous with fear and hatred… with prejudice and bigotry… violence and decimation… war and schism… alienation, shame, and seclusion. But Jubilee has just one word to describe the X-Men:


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hanging out w/ friends:


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Hetienne Park as Rachel Green

Danny Pudi as Ross Geller

Mindy Kaling as Monica Geller

John Cho as Chandler Bing

Jasika Nicole as Phoebe Buffay

Michael Ealy as Joey Tribbiani

I’ll be there for you, if you’re there for me too.

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i'd actually watch friends  


That one weird person in highschool 

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slurs ts jic  
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superman’s instagram is full of inspiring quotes, pictures of the sunrise, out of focus shots taken with fans (tagged carefully with each persons name), drawings that small children have sent to him with thank you tags attached and artistic shots of apple pie’s purchased at small town diner’s

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